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Julia has been telling her story for years and jokingly saying she’d write a book detailing her entire journey.  Combining her experiences with the court system and life as a single parent along with her love for podcasts,  the idea came that a podcast might be a better idea.  Julia can share her story along the way and possibly still write that book, but We Speak is a platform where everyone can share their stories.  We Speak is here to share the stories of love, strength, courage, struggle, happiness, and everything else that comes with children, custody, and courtrooms.

Julia is a mother of two boys that she is raising on her own after being told she would never be granted sole custody of them.  Julia is a huge supporter of parent’s rights and co-parenting but also believes advocating for the well being of children should be the top priority.  Julia has spent the last 9 years in the courtroom and continues to share her personal journey to help others and to speak the truth.  Julia works in the mental health field and has her entire career. Julia is fascinated,  infuriated, and possibly even a little obsessive with custody battles, true crime, the law, evidence, and courtrooms.  



Please note that we are not attorneys and are sharing personal experiences.  For specific case information and guidance, please contact an attorney in your area.  We are hopeful that we can help someone, but we do not replace attorneys in any way.  Every situation is different and should be treated as such.  A reminder that different States have different laws.  We would love to hear from you, but please don’t risk a child’s well being or your rights in the court of law by sharing with us.  Thank you for your support and allowing us to speak.